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What does he look like?

  1.what does he look like?询问人长什么样,回答:①主语+be+形容词/ 介词短语(he is tall/ of medium height);

  ②主语+have/has+形容词+名词(she has long hair)

  what does sb like?询问某人喜欢什么




  3.May be 为情态动词+动词原形,在中做谓语,maybe是副词,表示可能,大概,一般放在句首。

  4.a little,little修饰不可数名词,a little表示一点点,little表示几乎没有

  a few,few修饰可数名词,a few表示一点点,few表示几乎没有

  5. Find 强调找到的结果

  look for 强调寻找的过程.

  6.问职业:what do you do?=what is your job?

  7.the same asbe different

  8.long straight brown hair

  9.最后in the end(表事情结局)finally(强调次序)at last(强调经多番努力终于达成)

  By the end of 直到为止

  At the end of在末端/尽头


Id like some noodles







  (5)以f,fe 结尾的名词,改f,fe为v+es(leafleaves;knifeknives)(例外:roofs,chiefs)


  2.would like sth. 想要某物

  Would you like some ? 你想要一些吗?

  Yes, please./ No, thanks.

  would like to do sth. 想要做某事。

  Would you like to ? 你愿意去做吗?

  Yes, Id like / love to./Id like/ love to. But Im too busy.

  would like sb to do sth 想要某人做某事。

  3.order:order food

  take/ have ones order

  In order to为了

  In the order按顺序

  Order/ book a room 预定房间

  Order sb(not)to do sth命令

  4.the number of表示的数量,后面接可数名词复数。做主语时,主语是number而不是of后面的名词复数,因此谓语动词要用单数;

  a number of表示许多,相当于many, 后面接可数名词复数,做主语时,主语不是number而是of后面的名词复数,因此谓语动词要用复数。




  6.one bowl of two bowls of

  7.what size(+n)would you like?

  Large/ medium/ small

  8.what kind of.......

  9.大:big 体格大、笨重small,little 形容具体的人或物

  Huge 物体体积巨大=very big

  Large物体面积、空间、范围、数量大small 不修饰人




  11.around the world= all over the world

  12.make a wish

  13.blow out

  14.in/ at one go

  15.get popular

  16.cut up(动副结构)

  17.bring good luck to

  18.different kinds of

  19.be short of缺乏


How was your school trip?




  ①was / were + not;










  3.How was your school trip?= what was your school trip like?

  4. Go for a walk

  5. Milk a cow

  6. Ride a horse

  7. Quite a lot

  8. Show sb around

  9. 并列谓语的时态和数必须一致。

  10. In the countryside

  11. after that


What did you do last weekend?

  1. go+V-ing与do some +V-ing

  go+V-ing表示去从事某种活动(一般指户外)go shopping/ swimming/ skating/ dancing/ skiing/ climbing/ camping/ hiking

  do some +V-ing 表示从事某种活动(一般指室内)do some writing/ washing/ cooking/ cleaning/ reading

  2. go to the cinema

  3. camp by the lake

  4. study for a test

  study for the English test

  5. work as a guide

  6. living habits

  7. stay up late

  8. shout at sb 因生气或愤怒向某人吼叫;

  shout to sb 对某人大声叫喊,目的是让人听见

  9. run away

  10.fly a kite

  11.adj修饰不定代词 adj要放后面

  something important,anything interesting

  12.take sb to 带某人去

  13.put up tents

  14.make a fire

  15.on the first night

  16.each other

  17.get a terrible surprise

  18.finish doing

  19.look out of从朝外看(window,door)

  look out at sth 向外眺望

  look out for 留神、注意、小心、关心

  20.feel/ watch/ see/ hear sb do sth强调整个过程

  feel/ watch/ see/ hear sb doing sth强调动作正在进行

  21.jump up and down

  22.wake up

  23.so +adj +that +结果状语从句 如此以致

  eg:I was so busy that I didnt go to sleep for 3 days.

  The weather was so cold that they had to stay at home.

  The coat is so expensive that I dont want to buy it.

  so that 引导目的状语从句,以便,为了(in order to)

  eg:they got up early so that they could catch the early bus.

  I raise my voice so that I can make myself heard.

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